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Environmental conservation: We cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment and the earth is what we all have in common. Ikaze ventures, we believe in sustainable tourism, wildlife protection and biodiversity promotion. And for that 5% of the annual benefit goes to conservation activities. Girl Child Education: According to statistics, in Burundi, the number of girls in school remains much lower than that of boys despite some progress, In general, the number of girls decreases as one advances in school grades. Imagine the more than half pillars that are carrying your house do not stand up to the strength. Women are not only pillars of their family, but pillars of a whole country. That is why at Ikaze ventures, 5% percent of our annual income also goes into girl child education.

Our mission

Bridge Burundi and East Africa to the rest of the world, through personalized tour packages and tourism oriented events creation.

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Bujumbura-Rohero, Centre ville, Nicolas Mayugi Avenue, Source du Nil Hotel, 5th floor, number 523

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